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Uninstalling SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
SEGGER Linker User Guide
File naming conventions
-allow-multiple-definition (Allow multiple symbol definition) -ansi (Warn about potential ANSI problems) -ar (Archive output) -arch (Set ARM architecture) -be (Big Endian) -builtins (Use Builtins) -c (Compile to object code, do not link) -clang (Use clang compiler/assembler) -cmselib (Create CMSE import library) -codec (Set file codec) -common (Allocate globals in common) -cpu (Set ARM cpu core) -d (Define linker symbol) -debugio (Define debugio implementation) -depend (Generate dependency file) -D (Define macro symbol) -emit-relocs (Emit relocations) -e (Set entry point symbol) -exceptions (Enable C++ Exception Support) -E (Preprocess) -fill (Fill gaps) -fabi (Floating Point Code Generation) -fpu (Set ARM FPU) -framepointer (Enable generation of framepointer) -F (Set output format) -g (Generate debugging information) -hasidiv (Generate integer divide instructions) -hassmallmultiplier (Do not generate multiply instructions) -hascmse (Do not generate multiply instructions) -help (Display help information) -instrument (Instrument functions) -I (Define user include directories) -I- (Exclude standard include directories) -J (Define system include directories) -kasm (Keep assembly code) -kldscript (Keep linker script) -kpp (Keep preprocessor output) -K (Keep linker symbol) -l- (Do not link standard libraries) -longcalls (Generate long calling sequences) -L (Set library directory path) -memorymap (Memory map file) -memorymapmacros (Memory map macros) -M (Display linkage map) -n (Dry run, no execution) -nowarn-mismatch (No warning on architecture mismatch) -nowarn-enumsize (No warning on enum size mismatch) -nowarn-wcharsize (No warning on wide character size mismatch) -nostderr (No stderr output) -O (Optimize output) -o (Set output file name) -patch (Run patch command) -placement (Section placement file) -placementmacros (Section placement macros) -placementsegments (Section placement segments) -printf (Select printf capability) -rtti (Enable C++ RTTI Support) -R (Set section name) -scanf (Select scanf capability) -shortenums (Minimal sized enums) -shortwchar (16-bit wide chars) -std (Select language standard) -strip (Strip symbols from executable) -thumb (Generate thumb code) -T (Supply linker script) -U (Undefine macro symbol) -v (Verbose execution) -w (Suppress warnings) -we (Treat warnings as errors) -W (Pass option to tool) -x (Specify file types)
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