The emLicense program can be used to install, remove and list licenses from the command line.

Usage Description
emLicense install license-strings... Install licenses
emLicense list List all installed licenses
emLicense remove license-ids... Remove licenses
Option Description
-erase-all-existing Erase all existing licenses when installing
-verbose Produce verbose output

The install command can be used to install licenses:

$ emLicense install license-strings...

The list command can be used to list installed licenses:

$ emLicense list
Product: SEGGER Embedded Studio
Ethernet MAC Address Lock: 01-02-03-04-05-06 (OK)
Licensed to: Joe Bloggs
License ID: 00010203-04050607-08090A0B-0C0D0E0F

The remove command can be used to uninstall licenses:

$ emLicense remove 00010203-04050607-08090A0B-0C0D0E0F