Property Description
Text Size
Environment/Browser/Text Size – Enumeration
Sets the text size of the integrated HTML and help browser.
Underline Hyperlinks In Browser
Environment/Browser/Underline Web Links – Boolean
Enables underlining of hypertext links in the integrated HTML and help browser.

File Extension

Property Description
ELF Archive File Extensions
ElfDwarf/Environment/Archive File Extensions – StringList
The file extensions used for ELF archive files.
ELF Executable File Extensions
ElfDwarf/Environment/Executable File Extensions – StringList
The file extensions used for ELF executable files.
ELF Object File Extensions
ElfDwarf/Environment/Object File Extensions – StringList
The file extensions used for ELF object files.

File Search

Property Description
Collapse Search Results
Find In Files/Collapse Results – Boolean
Whether to initially collapse search results.
Files To Exclude
Find In Files/Exclude File Types – StringList
The wildcard used to exclude files in Find In Files searches.
Files To Search
Find In Files/File Type – StringList
The wildcard used to match files in Find In Files searches.
Find History
Find In Files/Find History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in searches.
Flat Search Result Output
Find In Files/Flat Output – Boolean
Whether to display file search results as a flat list.
Folder History
Find In Files/Folder History – StringList
The set of folders recently used in file searches.
Match Case
Find In Files/Match Case – Boolean
Whether the case of letters must match exactly when searching.
Match Whole Word
Find In Files/Match Whole Word – Boolean
Whether the whole word must match when searching.
Replace History
Find In Files/Replace History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in searches.
Search Dependencies
Find In Files/Search Dependencies – Boolean
Controls searching of dependent files."
Search In
Find In Files/Context – Enumeration
Where to look to find files.
Use Regular Expressions
Find In Files/Use RegExp – Boolean
Whether to use a regular expression or plain text search.

Find And Replace

Property Description
Greedy Regular Expressions
Find/Greedy RegExp – Boolean
Enables greedy matching when using regular expressions.


Property Description
Automatically Check For Packages
Environment/Internet/Check Packages – Boolean
Specifies whether to enable downloading of the list of available packages.
Automatically Check For Updates
Environment/Internet/Check Updates – Boolean
Specifies whether to check for software updates.
Check For Latest News
Environment/Internet/RSS Update – Boolean
Specifies whether to update the latest news window.
Enable Connection Debugging
Environment/Internet/Enable Debugging – Boolean
Controls debugging traces of internet connections and downloads.
External Web Browser
Environment/External Web Browser – FileName
The path to the external web browser to use when accessing non-local files.
HTTP Caching
Environment/Internet/HTTP Caching – Boolean
Specifies if caching should be permitted when carrying out HTTP requests.
HTTP Proxy Host
Environment/Internet/HTTP Proxy Server – String
Specifies the IP address or hostname of the HTTP proxy server. If empty, no HTTP proxy server will be used.
HTTP Proxy Port
Environment/Internet/HTTP Proxy Port – IntegerRange
Specifies the HTTP proxy server's port number.
Maximum Download History Items
Environment/Internet/Max Download History Items – IntegerRange
The maximum amount of download history kept in the downloads window.


Property Description
Confirm Check Solution Target
Environment/Launcher/Confirm Check Solution Target – Boolean
Specifies whether the SEGGER Embedded Studio launcher should present a warning if the solution being launched targets a device it does not support.
Launch Latest Installations Only
Environment/Launcher Use Latest Installations Only – Boolean
Specifies whether the SEGGER Embedded Studio launcher should only consider the latest installations when deciding which one to use.
Launcher Enabled
Environment/Launcher Enabled – Boolean
Specifies whether the SEGGER Embedded Studio launcher should be used when the operating system or an external application requests a file to be opened.


Property Description
Check J-Link For Licenses
Environment/Check J-Link Licenses – Boolean
Specifies whether to check J-Link's for licenses.

Package Manager

Property Description
Check Solution Package Dependencies
Environment/Package/Check Solution Package Dependencies – Boolean
Specifies whether to check package dependencies when a solution is loaded.
Delete Package Downloads
Environment/Package/Delete Downloads – Boolean
Specifies whether to delete downloaded package files after they have been installed.
Install Default Packages
Environment/Package/Install Default Packages – Boolean
Specifies whether default packages should be installed on startup if they are not installed already.
Package Directory
Environment/Package/Destination Directory – String
Specifies the directory packages are installed to.
Parallel Download And Install
Environment/Package/Parallel Download And Install – Boolean
Specifies whether the package manager should download and install packages in parallel.
Show Check For Packages Dialog
Environment/Package/Show Check For Packages Dialog – Boolean
Specifies whether the package manager should prompt for a package list refresh.
Show Logos
Environment/Package/Show Logos – Enumeration
Specifies whether the package manager should display company logos.
Verify Package Downloads
Environment/Package/Verify Downloads – Boolean
Specifies whether to carry out an MD5 sum check on downloaded package files.


Property Description
Bottom Margin
Environment/Printing/Bottom Margin – IntegerRange
The page's bottom margin in millimetres.
Left Margin
Environment/Printing/Left Margin – IntegerRange
The page's left margin in millimetres.
Page Orientation
Environment/Printing/Orientation – Enumeration
The page's orientation.
Page Size
Environment/Printing/Page Size – Enumeration
The page's size.
Right Margin
Environment/Printing/Right Margin – IntegerRange
The page's right margin in millimetres.
Top Margin
Environment/Printing/Top Margin – IntegerRange
The page's top margin in millimetres.


Property Description
Allow Multiple SEGGER Embedded Studios
Environment/Permit Multiple Studio Instances – Boolean
Allow more than one SEGGER Embedded Studio to run at the same time.
Load Last Project On Startup
Environment/Load Last Project On Startup – Boolean
Specifies whether to load the last project the next time SEGGER Embedded Studio runs.
New Project Directory
Environment/General/Solution Directory – String
The directory where projects are created.
Show Support Expired Dialog
Environment/Support Reminder Nag – Boolean
Specifies whether to show the support expired dialog.
Sort Project File On Save
Environment/Sort Project File – Boolean
The project file is sorted when it is saved.
Splash Screen
Environment/Splash Screen – Enumeration
How to display the splash screen on startup.

Status Bar

Property Description
Environment/Status Bar – Boolean
Show or hide the status bar.
Show Build Status Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Build Status – Boolean
Show or hide the Build pane in the status bar.
Show Caret Position Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Caret Pos – Boolean
Show or hide the Caret Position pane in the status bar.
Show Insert/Overwrite Status Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Insert Mode – Boolean
Show or hide the Insert/Overwrite pane in the status bar.
Show Read-Only Status Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Read Only – Boolean
Show or hide the Read Only pane in the status bar.
Show Size Grip
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Size Grip – Boolean
Show or hide the status bar size grip.
Show Target Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Target – Boolean
Show or hide the Target pane in the status bar.
Show Time Pane
Environment/General/Status Bar/Show Time – Boolean
Show or hide the Time pane in the status bar.

Title Bar

Property Description
Show Full Solution Path
Environment/General/Title Bar/Show Full Solution Path – Boolean
Show the full solution path in title bar.

User Interface

Property Description
Application Main Font
Environment/Application Main Font – Font
The font to use for the user interface as a whole.
Application Monospace Font
Environment/Application Monospace Font – FixedPitchFont
The fixed-size font to use for the user interface as a whole.
Error Display Timeout
Environment/Error Display Timeout – IntegerRange
The minimum time, in seconds, that errors are shown for in the status bar.
Errors Are Displayed
Environment/Error Display Mode – Enumeration
How errors are reported in SEGGER Embedded Studio.
File Size Display Units
Environment/Size Display Unit – Enumeration
How to display sizes of items in the user interface. SI defines 1kB=1000 bytes, IEC defines 1kiB=1024 bytes, Alternate SI defines 1kB=1024 bytes.
Number File Names in Menus
Environment/Number Menus – Boolean
Number the first nine file names in menus for quick keyboard access.
Qt Style Sheet
Environment/Qt Style Sheet – FileName
The Qt style sheet to use in order to customize the user interface (experimental).
Show Large Icons In Toolbars
Environment/General/Large Icons – Enumeration
Show large or small icons on toolbars.
Show Ribbon
Environment/General/Ribbon/Show – Boolean
Show or hide the ribbon.
Show Window Selector On Ctrl+Tab
Environment/Show Selector – Boolean
Present the Window Selector on Next Window and Previous Window commands activated from the keyboard.
Environment/Studio Theme – Enumeration
The user interface style and color theme to use.
Window Menu Contains At Most
Environment/Max Window Menu Items – IntegerRange
The maximum number of windows appearing in the Windows menu.